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  • Exopharm (EX1) says it’s a step closer towards being granted a US patent for its LEAP technology 
  • The technology reportedly solves challenges related to purifying clinical-grade exosomes at a large scale and low cost
  • Now the US Patent and Trademark Office has accepted recent amendments to its Exopharm’s patent application
  • While the company believes this is a “positive” sign of progress, a patent number is yet to be issued and further formalities will need to be completed 
  • Before the market opens for the week, shares are at 58.5 cents each

Exopharm (EX1) is progressing towards a US patent for its LEAP Technology, following approval of recent amendments by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The company has developed the technology which is said to be the only established process for high-scale exosome purification.

Exosomes are an alternative means of drug delivery inside the body with the ability to deliver DNA and medicines into the nucleus of a cell, a process EX1 says is required for the rapidly advancing gene therapy market.

Following recent amendments to the patent application, the company has noted the USPTO has upgraded the application to “Notice of Allowance Mailed”, indicating the examiners has accepted the changes to the application.

Further, EX1 said that subject to some further steps and payment of fees, this note of allowances meant the office saw the application as meeting their requirements and was ready to issue the requested patent.

While a patent number hasn’t been issued and there are still some formalities yet to be completed, Ian Dixon, founder and CEO of Exopharm and a co-inventor of the LEAP technology said it was a sign of progress.

“We have been working steadily and carefully to secure a US Patent for LEAP – a
technology we think could become the global standard for purifying exosome
medicines,” Dr Dixon said.

“The Notice of allowance is a good and positive sign of progress towards that goal, but there are some further steps before we get there.”

The company pointed out that usually the US Patent would be issued around eight weeks after the marked publication date, which has not yet been set, and once a fee has been paid. Upon publication the application is open to objections by other parties.

Before the market opened for the week, shares were at 58.5 cents each.

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