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  • Imricor Medical Systems (IMR) has received CE mark approval for two of its devices
  • This allows the company to market and sell its products to clinical sites in the European Union
  • CEO Steve Wedan is thrilled their products will be available in the EU and available to a larger market
  • At market close, Imricor’s share price is up 29 per cent with shares trading for $1.40 each

Imricor Medical Systems (IMR) has received CE mark approval for its Vision-MR Ablation Catheter and Vision-MR Dispersive Electrode.

Receipt of CE mark approval provides Imricor with the ability to market and sell these products to clinical sites throughout the European Union.

This follows earlier CE mark approval of Imricor’s Advantage-MR EP Recorder/Stimulation System.

“We are absolutely thrilled to bring to market our products for performing cardiac catheter ablations guided by real-time MRI,” CEO and Chair Steve Wedan commented.

“Receipt of CE mark approval marks a major accomplishment for the Imricor team, as we pursue our mission to improve the lives of people worldwide by delivering devices that enable iCMR procedures,” he added.

Imricor’s Vision-MR Ablation Catheter has the normal functions of a catheter but features modern design with gold electrodes, fibre optic tip temperature sensing, and active MR tracking.

The other product, Vision-MR Dispersive Electrode, is an ablation dispersive electrode that is designed to minimise eddy current induced on the conductive pads during MR scanning.

“With inventory located in our European warehouse and a well-established roll out plan in place, we will now move swiftly to the execution of a controlled commercial launch to ensure smooth adoption and good clinical outcomes,” Steve concluded.

Imricor will also be releasing its quarterly cash flow report from December on January 29 2020.

At market close, Imricor’s share price is up 29 per cent with shares trading for $1.40 apiece.

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