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  • Meditech company Next Science (NXS) has been given CE mark approval for its Bactisure product today
  • Bactisure is a surgical lavage product designed to flush biofilm bacteria out of the human body
  • The CE mark approval means the product can now be sold throughout the European Union
  • Next Science says Bactisure outperforms its competitors twofold
  • Shares in Next Science gained a healthy 10.45 per cent today to close worth $2.22 each.

Meditech company Next Science (NXS) has received European CE mark approval for its Bactisure Surgical Lavage Product.

The approval means the product falls within health, safety, and environmental standards for the European Economic Area (EEA) and, more importantly, lets Next Science sell the product in the European Union.

Next Science said the company’s global distribution partner, Zimmer Biomet, will now sell the produce in Europe.

Bactisure is one of Next Science’s core anti-biofilm products. The company’s other products include its SurgX and BlastX wound gels and “tbh” ance cream.

Next Science specialises in treating biofilms, which are naturally-occurring bacterial colonies. These little clumps of bacteria account for over 80 per cent of microbial infections in the body and are far more resistant to treatments like antibiotics than solo bacteria.

Biofilms form all throughout the human body from good and bad bacteria. The good ones can be responsible for food digestion and nasal mucus, while bad bacteria biofilms can result in severe treatment-resistant infections.

Chronic infections caused by biofilms include cystic fibrosis, kidney stones, urinary tract infections, and even acne.

Some biofilms are so persistent and resistant to treatment that the cell clumps have to be removed surgically.

This is where treatment like Next Science’s Bactisure comes in.

The company said its researchers noticed biofilms behave in a similar way to rubber on a structural basis, and went about developing a treatment that dissolved the protective layer around the biofilms and expose them to other treatments.

Bactisure itself is a surgical lavage, meaning it helps flush out and clean body cavities with the help of other medication or normal saline. According to Next Science, Bactisure removes nearly double the bacteria compared to its competitor lavages.

“Receipt of CE mark approval marks a major milestone for Next Science as we pursue our mission to heal patients and save lives worldwide by addressing the impacts of biofilms on human health,” Next Science Managing Director Judith Mitchell said.

Further, shareholders seem please with the European certification today, with Next Science shares gaining a healthy 10.45 per cent to close worth $2.22 each.

NXS by the numbers
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