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The 2nd annual Super PITch event at Digger & Dealers in Kalgoorlie provides mining companies five minutes to ‘pitch’ their company’s story to investors.

Created by Discovery Capital Partners and Corporate Storytime, this year’s event is sponsored by The Market Herald and RSM Australia

Sonia Madigan:

We’re joining you from the floor at Kalgoorlie’s Super PITch event.

I’m with Nicole Duncan and she’s the Managing Director of NickelSearch (NIS), which is working near Ravensthorpe.

Tell us how it’s going, Nicole.

Nicole Duncan:

It’s going really well in terms of looking for the next nickel sulphide discovery there.

We’ve got over 30 greenfield targets and we’re systematically making our way through those targets.

We’ve drilled four and we’ve hit nickel mineralisation in two, so we have a 50 per cent strike rate, which is fantastic.

Sonia Madigan:

So do you already have a resource?

Nicole Duncan:

Yes, we do have a resource, we have 155 kilotonnes of contained nickel
and we’re looking for more.

So we’re looking to grow that, and we’re looking to take it into production ultimately,
but really we are a nickel search company.

So we’re looking to find much, much more.

Sonia Madigan:

Well, are you confident that you are in the right spot to be looking for nickel sulphide?

Nicole Duncan:

So, there is a lot of nickel laterite around us, First Quantum is our neighbour.

But we’re looking for nickel sulphide.

They can coexist, but the reason why we’re so confident is because our tenement’s called RAV8.

RAV8 was a high-grade nickel sulphide mine, it produced 16.1 kilotons at 3.45 per cent.

So we know that system can host large, high-grade nickel sulphides, and we’re looking for the next one of RAV8.

Sonia Madigan:

Now, how are you finding the experience at Diggers & Dealers?

What do you hope to achieve?

Nicole Duncan:

It’s just all about engagement with potential investors, engagement with current investors,
keeping everybody up-to-date with the work that we’re doing and our progress, showing
them the core from the recent drilling which is really exciting, and really just participating in, you know, one of the biggest events for the Australian industry.

Sonia Madigan:

Okay, I’m going to give you one minute, not five, to pitch your company to our audience.

Nicole Duncan:

So if you’re wanting lots of opportunity and lots of catalysts for value, and you’re
interested in nickel, and you’re also interested in lithium, we’re 10 kilometres away from
Mount Catlin.

If you’re also interested in BMS or base metals, because we’ve got a base metals prospect target that we have government funding to drill, then Nickel Search is the company you want to be investing in.

Sonia Madigan:

And you’re sitting at 6.4 cents?

Nicole Duncan:

We are sitting at 6.4 cents and so we represent great value.

NIS by the numbers
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