SenSen Networks (ASX:SNS) - CEO, Dr Subhash Challa
CEO, Dr Subhash Challa
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  • SenSen Networks (SNS) has received orders worth roughly $614,000 from Transport for New South Wales
  • Transport for New South Wales has been SenSen’s customer for nearly a decade which is a clear testament to SenSen’s technology
  • Essentially, SenSen develops artificial intelligence solutions that catch illegal or dangerous behaviour on the road to increase and promote safety
  • In December last year, its SenSPEED camera was approved to be used as an average speed camera within the state
  • The company is currently working on a technology that detects reckless driver behaviour no matter the speed or weather conditions
  • Unfortunately COVID-19 restrictions have delayed any trials
  • SenSen is up 4.55 per cent, with shares trading for 11.5 cents each

SenSen Networks (SNS) has received orders worth roughly $614,000 for FY20 from the Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW).

TfNSW has been a Smart City Customer of SenSen for nearly 10 years and leads the development of safe, integrated and efficient transport systems for the people in New South Wales.

SenSen’s new SenSPEED 3.0 ANPR camera and software solution, which was developed over the last 12 months, successfully met the high standards set by TfNSW for speed measurement and enforcement purposes.

SenSen is a reliable provider of video analytics, artificial intelligence data and analytics software solutions to customers in the intelligent transportation systems and gaming sectors.

“This is a testament to the technical leadership and versatility of SenSen’s solutions as it involved extensive 24/7 testing of the system, monitoring vehicles travelling at varying speeds on NSW country roads, by an independent agency approved by TfNSW,” CEO Dr Subhash Challa said.

The company’s SenSPEED 3.0 ANPR camera solution was Gazetted (type-approved) by the NSW Minister for Transport and Roads on December 11 2019, allowing the SenSPEED 3.0 ANPR camera and software solution to be legally used as an average speed monitoring and speed enforcement camera within the state.

“Successful completion of the testing and Gazettal is an important milestone for SenSen as it opens the door to offer the solution for further rollouts of average speed enforcement systems within the state of NSW, and also assists in securing similar approvals in other states in Australia and globally,” Dr Subhash added.

SenSen has been investing into road safety technology and product development, including solutions that detect dangerous behaviours like talking, texting and eating with both hands while driving, as well as driving without wearing seatbelts.

Developing a technology capable of preventing this is difficult as it needs to capture indisputable evidence of dangerous driver behaviour when vehicles are travelling at very high speeds on roads 24/7 in all kinds of weather and lighting conditions.

But the company believes it may have overcome the challenge. SenSen has developed a technology that combines high-resolution, high-sensitivity machine vision cameras with its deep AI technology.

Apparently, the system can see through windshields in dark conditions and in the sun and associated reflections. Due to its resilience, the system can detect dangerous driver behaviour and capture legally enforceable evidence images to prosecute offenders.

Traffic and Main Roads (TMR) Queensland invited SenSen to participate in a paid Driver Distraction detection trial in February, after a rigorous Request for Information (RFI) tendering process.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 restrictions has suspended the trial for now.

SenSen is up 4.55 per cent, with shares trading for 11.5 cents each at market close.

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