Looking at gold supply and demand and how investors can have exposure to gold in these uncertain times.
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As global banks began to teeter, the price of gold touched a new high of AUD$3000oz, yet again demonstrating that gold not only holds its value at times of uncertainty and geopolitical tension, it tends to outperform other asset classes.

What’s most unique about gold is that it can also perform well in buoyant times when consumers are confident and spending, thanks to the jewellery and technology sectors. 

However, while gold has been a store of wealth since ancient times, it is a finite resource and traditional goldfields are depleting. Large gold players are keen to shore up their future supplies.

So how can investors gain exposure to gold and what opportunities can reap the greatest rewards?

This deep-dive report offers expert insights and reveals ASX-listed gold companies that are well-placed to meet future global demand.

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