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The idea of investing to profit after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a topic that’s unsavoury, awkward and uncomfortable – one laced with moral dilemma.

Yet Ukraine is calling out with a different message, urging companies and investors to act now.

In an interview with The Market Herald Thematica, UkraineInvest CEO Sergio Tsivkach said despite the ongoing conflict, Ukraine is open and ready to talk business, and investment in his country would help Ukraine into the future.

“It’s an honourable thing to do business in Ukraine because we are not only fighting for ourselves, but for democracy,” Mr Tsivkach said from Kyiv.

“Start planning your investment right now, it will take between 12 to maybe 18 months to plan your investment properly, to start implementing your project on the ground in Ukraine.

“UkraineInvest – as the Government of Ukraine’s investment promotion agency – is your reliable partner in this area, so please get in touch with us and we’ll tell you what kind of incentives are currently being provided by the Government of Ukraine – and there are a few.”

There are opportunities on offer in war-torn Ukraine, a country that needs expertise and materials to recover.

There are also global supply chain gaps caused by the conflict and related sanctions that need to be filled.

Russia’s attack has created the largest humanitarian crisis since World War II. Millions are displaced, cities and towns are destroyed, with critical infrastructure, utilities and agricultural assets.

In the latest Thematica investor report, “Turning Around Troubled Times: the $1 trillion investment opportunity,” The Market Herald looks at how Ukraine generally punches above its weight in terms of feeding the world, mining, providing energy, manufacturing, and technology. It also looks at what materials, commodities and expertise are required for Ukraine’s recovery and what global supply gaps need to be filled over the short and longer terms.

Download your free copy of the report here.

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