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  • Unith (ASX:UNT) updates the market on its progress toward the launch of its self-service platform
  • This will see Unith’s AI-powered digital humans able to be ‘bought off the shelf’ by other companies looking to use a digital human avatar on their website or app
  • A mobile app is being developed by Unith right now
  • The company also reports its digital humans have gotten ‘smarter’ with fresh training and upgrades in recent months
  • Shares last traded at 2.1 cents

Custom AI digital avatar producer and marketer Unith (ASX:UNT) has outlined its steps towards preparing for the launch of its self-service platform in 2024.

The self-service platform will see Unith opening the doors to its digital human avatars to any interested company, intended to offer a superior automated assistant experience.

Unith goes one step further in the automated assistant game to create realistic human animations – or avatars – with their own inbuilt emotions and personalities to guide users through a range of tasks.

B2B strategy

Its self-service platform is intended to give other businesses an easy way to assess and purchase a digital human package from Unith, for use in its own operations.

“This platform will shorten the onboarding process and enable us to significantly scale our commercial activities,” UNT CEO Idan Schmorak said earlier this year.

The company has recently upgraded the appearance of its AI-powered digital humans, which the company now describes as “more appealing”.

The company has also updated its ‘digital human head library,’ offering more models for customers to select.

Wide scope of application

Unith previously focused on the healthcare and education sectors, but has also gone into e-lottery – and basically any other industry where a digital human may help boost sales conversion.

But Unith’s health focus remains a key thread in its operations.

The company has delivered a public health contract in Eastern Europe in recent weeks and months, particularly using its digital human tech for a social work firm.

Mobile app development towards this project will kick off later this month.

“Drawing information from medically-approved sources, interpreted with GPT technology and integrated into existing social services, the digital humans will be available 24/7 and respond in real time with the most relevant information,” the company wrote today.

AI’s multiple uses

Using AI not to just generate answers but stitch together the high-quality computer graphics its digital humans rely on, Unith has also ensured that its avatars can be easily embedded onto third-party websites.

And its digital humans are also getting smarter.

“Having successfully integrated Digital Humans with GPT technology earlier this year, UNITH’s Digital Humans are now able to conduct open conversations based on both closed data and open data sets,” the company wrote on Tuesday.

But it is the self-service launch that management are watching particularly closely.

Growth catalyst

Unith’s chief Schmorak has described the company’s self-service platform as key to its growth.

“The recent tech upgrades are a crucial part of our preparation for the imminent launch of the self-service platform, the key catalyst for larger distribution,” he said.

“These improvements will also open doors to more business opportunities and enable us to launch new AI products faster on the B2C subscription side.

“We have successfully completed all the back-end design work and enhanced security to ensure the platform runs smoothly and safely for our clients.”

UNT shares last traded at 2.1 cents.

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