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  • WhiteHawk to partner with Global Cyber Alliance to reduce cyber risk
  • $2.5 million raised to support this partnership

WhiteHawk Limited has announced a new partnership with cyber risk reduction firm Global Cyber Alliance (GCA).

GCA is an international organisation whose aim is to eliminate cyber risk and improve the connected world by securing internet devices and technologies. It reduces these risks by developing and deploying real solutions which improve collective cybersecurity.

GCA has designed a cybersecurity toolkit for small businesses which provides free, effective and easy to use tools reducing cyber risk.

There is DMARC for determining email authenticity, Quad9 to protect against cyber threats and McScrappy which evaluates websites and renders them into a simple form while removing potential vulnerabilities.

This partnership will allow WhiteHawk to provide GCA with affordable and easy to use cyber risk mitigation solutions to small businesses. It will also allow for WhiteHawk to proceed with its international expansion plans.

WhiteHawk Executive Chair Terry Roberts hopes this partnership will help the often ignored smaller companies.

“There are too few scaleable approaches that enable small and midsize companies and organisations to prevent and mitigate the impacts of cybercrime and fraud. We welcome partnering with GCA to provide complementary and low cost, impactful cyber resilience options,” she said.

Both companies are aiming to reach a wider audience and make small and midsized companies resilient to all types of online threats such as fraud, corruption, crime and disruption.

To support this partnership and the intended international expansion WhiteHawk has raised $2.5 million via an oversubscribed share price placement.

25 million shares were issued at $0.10 per share to raise $2 million with an additional $500,000 earned from over subscriptions. These funds will be used to assist in covering the working capital and revenue related to the new contracts.

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