Arizona Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs
Source: AP News
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  • Wisconsin and Arizona have officially certified their election results and declared Joe Biden the winner even as Donald Trump continues to fight back
  • The vote certification comes a day after a Wisconsin recount, requested and paid for by the Trump campaign, netted Joe Biden 87 more votes.
  • Arizona’s Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs, vouched for the state’s election accuracy today, and her comments were backed up by Republican Governor Doug Ducey
  • Even as the votes were being certified, however, Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani was holding a hearing-style event in Arizona where he doubled down on claims of election fraud
  • President Trump dialled into the event and called the 2020 presidential election the “biggest scam” in U.S. history

Wisconsin and Arizona have officially certified their election results and declared Joe Biden the winner even as Donald Trump continues to fight back.

The certification comes just one day after it was revealed that a $3 million recount of votes in Wisconsin — requested and paid for by the Trump campaign — netted Joe Biden 87 extra votes.

Today, Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs vouched for the state’s accuracy and security during the election.

“This election was conducted with transparency, accuracy and fairness in accordance with Arizona’s laws and elections procedures, despite numerous unfounded claims to the contrary,” she said.

Her comments were backed up by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey and Attorney General Mark Brnovich — both Republicans.

“We do elections well in Arizona,” Governor Ducey said.

“The system is strong, and that is why I have bragged on it so much,” he said.

The governor’s comments have brought harsh criticism from President Trump, who accused Governor Ducey of “rushing to put a Democrat in office” and warned that “Republicans will long remember” the governor’s actions.

The President also retweeted a post accusing Governor Ducey of betraying the people of Arizona.

Joe Biden beat Donald Trump by just over 10,400 votes in Arizona, with over 3.3 million total votes cast.

Trump campaign still pushing back

Yet, even as states continue to certify their results for the Biden campaign and effectively end the president’s chance of overturning the election results, Trump’s campaign is continuing to push allegations of voter fraud and a rigged election.

In fact, while the Arizona vote was being certified, two challenges to the results were underway.

President Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, held a live-streamed unofficial “hearing” in a Phoenix hotel ballroom to several Republican politicians in which he doubled down on claims that the election result is fraudulent.

President Trump dialled into the hearing-style event and said the whole world is watching a “laughing at” the United States because of the rigged election.

“I know that we won Arizona and we won Michigan and we won Georgia and we won Pennsylvania and we won Wisconsin, but what they did is they played games,” he said.

He went on to call the 2020 election the “greatest scam” in the history of the U.S.

Meanwhile, a Maricopa County judge allowed a suit challenging the results of the election to go ahead. The official trial is set to begin later this week.

The Trump campaign has filed over 40 lawsuits to fight the election results. The majority of these have been denied, dismissed, or withdrawn.

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