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  • A Perth-made technology that transforms your home’s windows into solar panels will be making its swoop into the Swedish market
  • In a major collaboration with Attefallshus AB, a lineup of boutique low-cost small homes will welcome the smart-energy saving technology
  • ClearVue’s smart glass is able to block unwanted UV rays while harvesting solar energy to be used throughout the home
  • The micro homes in question, known also as attefallshus, span no more than 25 to 30 square metres and could soon find more business under loosened Swedish laws

ClearVue Technologies have signed a major collaboration deal today, bringing its smart solar-windows to an array of boutique low-cost homes taking over Sweden.

The agreement, announced today, is signed with micro-home developer, Attefallshus AB.

Sweden’s micro-homes, also known as attefallshus, are said to be no larger that 25 to 30 square metres. The homes are geared towards greener living, using smart technologies and renewable energies.

The business partners will now collarboate to integrate ClearVue’s products as a standard into the Attefallshus made homes.

How does ClearVue’s smart glass work?

The smart technology was developed in Perth, Australia in conjuction with the Electron Science Research Institute at Edith Cowan University.

The technology is able to block unwanted UV rays penetrating through the glass to keep homeowners cool, then redirects the rays to be harvested as solar energy throughout the house.

This deal coincides with great importance for ClearVue, as Sweden readies to loosen the laws surrounding the building of these micro-homes.

“We are both honored and excited to sign this Collaboration Agreement with ClearVue and see a huge potential for implementation of ClearVue PV`s products into our already smart micro-homes,” Attefallshus AB CEO, Niklas Madden, said.

“By deploying self powered glass modules that include automated blinds, electrochromic switchable glass, cameras, security systems, smart home systems etcetera, all at the window minimises the need for later fit-out and inclusion of these features that are more frequently being specified for this style of development.”

Just a few days ago, Attefallshus AB showcased its product range at Boston GreenFest in America.

As well, ClearVue attended the exhibition showcasing its water saving AquaGen Infrastructure System.

“Mr Madden is a thought leader in the micro-homes movement, and the Attefallshus team are one of the leading micro-homes development groups in Europe,” ClearVue Executive Chairman Victor Rosenberg said.

“Working with Attefallshus will also be our first foray into the Scandinavian market and so we are very much looking forward to exploration of this new market.”

Shares in ClearVue are down eight per cent today, trading for a discounted 23 cents. The company’s market cap is currently valued at $24.3 million.

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