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  • Mobilicom has received a second order of over $260,000 from Aero Sentinel for its SkyHopper PRO data links
  • Aero Sentinel is an industry-leading manufacturer of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for the military and defence sectors
  • The second order comes after a ramp up of sales for SkyHopper’s drone technology
  • Mobilicom is up 4.76 per cent and is selling shares at 11¢ apiece

Mobilicom has received a second order exceeding $260,000 from Aero Sentinel for its SkyHopper PRO data links.

Aero Sentinel has integrated the SkyHopper PRO across multiple drone platforms.

Sales of these drone platforms have shown that a significant ramp-up and consistent orders for SkyHopper PRO are being received.

SkyHopper Pro gives drone manufacturers efficiently packages all drone communication into a single RF channel in a lightweight solution.

SkyHopper PRO also offers the unique advantage of delivering technology that enables autonomous UAV, fleet management, swarm and cloud-based UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) operations.

SkyHopper is based in Israel and is an entity of Mobilicom. The company was launched in 2016 to target commercial drone and robotics manufacturers and service providers.

Mobilicom develops all SkyHopper solutions in-house and owns all assets for its unique technology.

Since its launch, SkyHopper has helped a variety of industries including security and surveillance, mining, infrastructure inspection and delivery.

Aero Sentinel is a leading manufacturer in the tactical UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) industry. It develops drones with unmatched performance for military, HLS (Home Land Security), civilian and aerospace markets.

Mobilicom CEO Oren Elkayam is pleased with the growing sales of SkyHopper.

“We are very excited to be growing sales of SkyHopper through partnerships and expanding our base of new customers,” Oren said.

“We have helped enable Aero Sentinel to expand its market presence globally and are delighted to accompany them in this growth,” he added.

Mobilicom is up 4.76 per cent and is selling shares at 11¢ apiece at 12:15pm AEDT.

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